Recruiting units

Don't build too many of one unit type, this makes them easy to counter. The other night I faced two different people who built like 3 Grimbarts. While this was strong against my early infantry I was able to just kite them until I got some anti armor units to counter them.

The importance of counter

Learn unit counters and know when you can win an engagement. If you walk into a fight you can't win don't commit to it. Just get out of there. Push another location and build units to counter their army composition.

Defenses and Turteling

If they build defences and turtle circumvent them and hit their backline mines force them to move, demand their attention and cause damage elsewhere until you have units to break down the defence.


Always manually position your units to make them effective. Especially when a mob is capturing nodes. You will notice your units have a hard time killing a mob when capturing a nodes if you are using default attack. You need to make sure all the guns of your infantry are line up and their line of sight is not being block to make them effective.

Usefullness of meele

Engaging in a melee is not a bad thing especially you want to pull all mobs in a chokepoint then your flamethrower will burn them all. Also engaging melee with flamethrower and infantry machine will make those unit ineffective.

Repairing vs Reinforcing

Repairing a mech is always more cost efficient then reinforcing it in base. This means you should only reinforce your mechs if they are to valuble to not instantly heal to their full health.

Mechs backwards movement

You can move mechs backwards using the "C" key. Most mechs are slower when moving backwards, but you will not have expose their rear back.