Information and Stats

Information can partially be wrong, because I miss a change or because there are too many changes to fix in a day. If you find wrong or misleading information or if something is missing contact me, please.
To the stats in the guide, those are fetched automatically by a program. This does not mean I don't need to start it first so it runs, that's why can take a bit till all stats are updated on the website. Furthermore, it can be that stats are wrong, because the files got changes or because I made a mistake in the programming. If you find missing information or wrong information please contact me.


What do those "|" stand for?

The "|" symbol between two numbers is a separator. When you see it, it means the stat you looking at scales with the units or in the case of pets with the heroes level. HP and Damage are the two common things that scale. For normal units, you will see 3, and for Heroes 5.

What do the damage number mean?

The damage number represents the damage per bullet and not the DPS of the unit.

What is the supression value and how is it used ingame?

The suppression value defines the suppression a bullet gives the units its shot at. The duration of how long the suppression value of bullet stays is normally slightly longer than the reload time of the weapon. Meaning when the unit shoots his second wave the suppression of the first is lost. Sadly those numbers and information are not confirmed and don't fit perfectly with what we see ingame so we can't really say how it works in detail.

How it the effectiveness against specific armor types of a weapon and unit defined?

The files carry information itself that is classified as "good" and what is "bad" as well as no information for "ok". Each weapon got one of that information for each armor type. The effectiveness of a unit against a specific armor type is then measured from the average of all weapons against the armor types. If it is no weapon that is classified as effective or there are more or the same amount of inefficient weapons against that type, the unit loses the status. Furthermore, note that the information is not changed by the devs meaning it doesn't show its real strength against a class but more the role the devs want the units to be.

Is the building speed correct?

The building speed of units is hard to calculate because the information we see in-game is with a very high chance of by a bit. This causes us not to know the specific calculations behind the numbers in the file and in-game, so we use a variable (18) that we seem is very likely to fit. Furthermore, the building speed represents the speed of 5 engineer models. It can be increased by assigning more and decreased when the unit lost models.

Why are there weapons several times?

Due to the files not being consistent with some of their information it can happen that a weapon is used several time and sadly I cant get all of the filtered out while not removing information we would need.