Explosive Barrels & Cars

The explosive barrel is a classic red barrel that can be seen all over many maps in the game. In practice, it sorts of works as a stationary grenade and does similar damage to buildings and units, but it's very situational. It can be shot at to explode though so try to take the chance any time you can get it. Cars and Lorries can also be found all over the map and used for cover, but and act the same way as explosive barrels. So, use with care.

Gas Tanks

The gas tank is a lot like the barrels in that it can be shot at, but it also has a much bigger blast that deals a much heavier toll on anyone who dares stay near it.

Weapon Systems

You can find weapon systems on many maps. Either they are Field Cannon, Heavy machine gun or Mortar. You can man those with infantry to get a field cannon, heavy machine gun or a mortar squad.

Destroyer Cannons

The destroyer cannon is a special weapon system, which can be found on one 3v3 map as well as campaign missions and challenge maps. But in contrast to the weapon systems the destroyer cannon can’t be build. Its damage is extremely high being able to one-shot infantry squads and two-shot a tier 3 bunker. It must be defended because it cannot move.

Weapon crates

Besides Iron and Oil crates, there are also weapon crates that can drop different weapon drops, which your infantry units can pick up and use.
Drops: Medic, Flamethrowers, Grenadiers, Gunners, Machine Gunner

Weapon drops

Weapon crates are a fundamental game element, that is very important due to its power in the early game stages. It makes keeping squads alive very important.
They are dropped by weapon crates and killed infantry squads that can be picked up by your infantry squads. Once the new weapon is picked up, the squad changes appearance and weapons. This lets you transform units on the battlefield and specialize them as and when you need them. The most cost-efficient way to use those kits it to use engineers to pick them up.

Healing crates

Heal crates, as with weapon crates, can be found all over the map. Infantry units can use them too completely heal received damage. They can even reinforce units. So always look to see if one is nearby if you need to patch up a unit quickly in the battlefield.

Air drops crates

Air drop crates can only be found in the Drop Zone gamemode. They will drop from time to time and picking them up gives 50 VP, meaning that picking up 10 drop grants you the win.