Iron and Oil are the two main resources in the game and are used to create all units. Luckily, they can be attained from many sources like the HQ, Iron/Oil nodes, crates, and even mech wrecks can all give you a various amount of the resource. Crates and wrecks serve as one-time income boosts, while the HQ and Iron/Oil nodes are generating resources for as long as you control them. Also note that resource gain is shared in 2v2 and 3v3.


Iron is the more prevalent resource and used in just about everything in-game. From infantry to mechs, and building upgrades, you are going to need iron the most if you are to succeed in battle.




Ironmine T2


Oil is the secondary resource that is used by buildings, mechs, and stronger infantry. It is paramount to get a steady source in the late game when oil becomes more heavily used.




Oilpump T2

Army Size

The last Resource is army size. Units need available army size to be built and usually fill from 3 to 7 slots. By Default, you start with 20, but you can increase it by 5 by queuing a reserve. Each reserve gives you an additional 5. Building/upgrading the barracks & workshop also increases your army size.